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Advanced employee information manager


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MSD Employees is a tool that will be of interest to any firm which wants to keep a tight check on all their employee data.

The information that can be included in the database is very wide ranging. Along with the usual contact information, it is possible to record other details such as: starting salary, number of vacation days they are entitled to, vehicle, etc.

But that’s not all, the database on MSD Employees is set up to record information about an employee's family, history of failures and delays, penalties and awards received, overtime, knowledge set, experience, and much more.

Perhaps, the best thing about MSD Employees, in addition to its extensive database, is its interface, which lets you get quick view of everything related to a specific employee. It has three different ways of presenting the information: using bands, tokens or in a table.

You can also save information on the workplaces, banks, companies, etc.

This demo version sets a limit on the number of records held in the database.

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